At Meridian  we pride ourselves on the fact that all our motorhomes are prepared for your holiday to a high standard.   We make sure that you and your passengers are the only ones travelling by using a 3 in 1 vehicle shield protecting against Bacterias, Flu Viruses and Allergies.

 Our Shield not only sanitises the whole interior of any vehicle, but offer up to 12 months protection against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. 

  • How Does Our Shield Work?

    A layer of microscopic pins coats the surface and kills the pathogens by piercing and rupturing their cell walls. Therefore this method kills germs by ‘mechanical’ means and is non-toxic. All currently known superbugs are defenceless against our sell wall rupture technology.

    The Antimicrobial shield is a mechanical preventative system that sanitises and this coating will also leave an invisible film of Antimicrobial protection that will continue to work even following interior cleaning.

  • Whilst this shield offers 12 months protection, we regularly reapply this shield to all our motorhomes.

Benefits of this system include

• Hypo-allergenic

• Invisible and non-staining

• Air conditioning system decontaminant

• Long term protection

• Perfect for young families, sensitive noses and pet lover

• Fragrance Free

• Chlorine Free